Monday, 16 July 2018


On Friday morning Diani Turtle Watch received a call from a local beach operator reporting that a turtle had laid her eggs below the beach wall, to the south of The Sands At Nomad. From the tracks we know that this was a good sized mama green sea turtle.

Due to the location of the nest below the high-tide line, the 89 eggs were translocated by one of the Turtle Watch volunteers fifty meters along the beach to the hatchery near the Sands at Nomad.
Ocean-bound tracks of the turtle after laying her eggs.
This is the tenth nest in the hatchery this year, five nests are still unhatched with one due any-day now. 391 tiny turtles have hatched this year so far, with many more on the way.

One of the five remaining nests in the hatchery was laid naturally by the mother turtle. Quite possibly she is the same turtle who found the hatchery last year just after it was opened. The chances are that she will be back to lay her eggs here every year!

                                                             NEST: 10 / 2018

LAID: 13-7-2018

DUE: 13-9-2018

EGGS: 98

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