Thursday, 19 September 2019

BEACH CLEAN-UPS- International Coastal Clean-up 2019

It's been another year since the International Coastal clean-up day. The Sands at Nomad and Diving the Crab has done its bit again to keep the beaches clean and raise awareness.

One of the inaccessible beach coves south of Kinondo

On Monday 16th of October Diving the Crab donated the use of their diving boat 'Mwezi' for three hours so that the inaccessible beaches between Kinondo and Chale Island could be cleaned of trash.

Staff from Diving the Crab doing the beach clean

This year's collection was over two hundred and seventy kilograms of plastic, two kilograms of glass and one kilogram of metals. From having done this clean-up for a number of years now it is clear that the greatest bulk of the trash floating in our ocean is plastic water bottles, this is followed by Polystyrene (an environmental disaster) and rubber shoes.

The world wide beach clean-up day is this coming Saturday the 21st of September, it is happening all over the world. The trash collected worldwide will be weighed and the results sent to a central data collection point which, over time and years will allow us to better understand the levels of trash in the oceans and whether worldwide efforts towards environmental awareness and sustainability are working.

Get out there, do your bit. There is no planet B.

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