Friday, 20 September 2019


The final product- Kanga cushion covers reused and Dive bags made into outdoor cushions. 

Did you know that The Sands at Nomad’s re-uses old diving bags and cushion covers from the restaurant when these need replacing and we also have found a use for soft single use plastic packaging. 

Single use plastics, like straws, plastic cups, plastic bags, beer can wrappers, bubble wrap and shrink wrap are some of the most environmentally detrimental trash items when thrown away, (out of sight out of mind?- NO!) These light plastics are easily blown in the wind, they get caught on bushes and trees, they are eaten by animals which then die, the plastics degrade into micro-plastic which will continue to harm our environment for decades. If this plastic is burnt it puts toxic, carsinogenic fumes into the air around us. 

In recent times there has been some progress made in finding ways to reuse this single use plastics without putting in huge amounts of energy doing so. Here at the Sands we have been collecting single use 'soft' plastic packaging from Diani super markets, storing it, and then using it to stuff old pillows. This plastic stuffing costs no money, the cushions also cost nothing.. but now we have hundreds of pillows which, if re-covered occasionally, will last for ever.

The Sands, Thinking Green.

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