Tuesday, 22 October 2019


Some time ago we touched on how plastic bottles can be used to make art pieces. Today we have made so much more.. and found ways to make sure we are using the WHOLE bottle not just some of it. We don't want to be throwing little bits of PET plastic away.

David from the Sand's 'Green Team' and the first edition.
The Sands at Nomad's green team was commissioned by the management to build a huge jellyfish which, if it's good enough, could be put in a public place as an art piece and an awareness piece.

After perfecting the design on a smaller version.. the blue and brown guy, work started on the 'main event'. The bottoms of the bottles are cut off, these are woven onto binding wire (the only non-recycled part of the pieces).

Some of the PET bottles themselves are then turned to plastic 'string' which was then used to tie the bottle bottoms together or used to make the tentacles. 

The HDPE lids were removed and put through the Kwale Plastics Plus Collectors shredder so that these can be put through the extruder, pumped into the moulds and turned into something else.

Watch this space (or the real one) for where the recycled Jellyfish makes an appearance. Oh, and check out the floor in the photo above made out of old rubber 'flip-flops' collected off the beaches. ;-)


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