Thursday, 17 October 2019


Did you know- Just knowing what kind of plastics are able to be recycled is one step towards reducing one's personal footprint in any environment.

Did you know that PET bottles (like the plastic water bottles seen on roadsides, floating in oceans or washing down rivers) cannot be recycled? So why are we buying them? 

Imagine that when you go to the shops to buy household products you only buy plastic bottles which are HDPE (easy to recycle). You can make a small difference.. and together we can make a big one.

If one looks at the bottom of most plastic containers one will see a number or an abbreviation. The number '2' is for HDPE. This can go through shredders and extruders to make new things.. like these Key rings made in the recycling centre at The Sand's at Nomad.

As a way of getting away from plastic (PET) bottles- A personal, reusable water bottle is most definitely the way to go.. refilled from a refillable 20L bottle in the house or hotel. If you are given plastic bottles, be gentle but ask why.. it may make a difference.


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