Monday, 24 August 2020


As some of you may know, the Sand's sustinability department is responsible for making all the drinking glasses for The Sands at Nomad in Diani as well as the Sands at Chale. This Blog is about how we do it.
Glass bottles considered useful are collected up from those produced as 'waste' by the hotel and restarant. These bottles are then transported to the Recycling room located near the Marine Education Centre where they are cleaned, marked and cut using special machinery and blades.
Once roughly cut to size the bottle is then marked using a marker pen to ensure the full set of 'recycled glassware' are matching in size. After this it is polished on the special polisher making sure there are no sharp edges or cracks.
Below is a video of the bottle cutting process, there are other more DIY ways of doing this but it is advisable to know that these can be dangerous and could lead to serious injury.. (flaming string, boiling water etc)

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