Thinking Green

Sustainability on Kenya’s South Coast

Thinking Green is The Sands Group’s environmental and ecological initiative that is designed to help protect, educate, and conserve the incredible natural world along Kenya’s South Coast.

Consisting of a range of projects and ideas Thinking Green helps connect the different areas of the The Sands Kenya Group along with the local community allowing for meaningful change and ideas to be shared.

Current Projects

The Green Team

The Green Team works to improve recycling and waste reduction practices along Diani Beach. They also carry out regular beach cleans with the support of local businesses and residents.

Diani Turtle Watch

Every year as turtles nest along Diani Beach, Diani Turtle Watch helps protect these nests and ensures the new turtles have the best chance of survival.

Thinking Green Members


How to Participate

On Land

Recycling, beach cleans, reducing waste and making our world a better place to live, The Green Team work hard to help enact practices across The Sands Kenya Group and local communities that make a real difference. Use the link below to get in touch and see how you can help.

In The Water

The Diani Turtle Watch Centre is the base for much of the marine research and conservation efforts that take place on and off Diani Beach. From helping protect the endangered turtles that nest on Diani to conducting coral surveys and educating tourists on the unique eco system that exists below the waves, the team are vital to the ongoing protection of Diani.

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