Thursday, 29 March 2018


Grab a bag and help us keep the beach clean.
The Sands at Nomad has recently set up a 'Grab a Bag' initiative at the main beach steps descending onto the world renown Diani Beach.

The bags are recycled dive bags from the Crab Dive center, the sign is a recycled fiberglass panel from a broken Jacuzzi and the 'plastic' beach bin is biodegradable hessian (made from sisal) and Sisal poles. Simple but effective.

It is our hope that initiatives like this will raise awareness to the possibilities of recycling, the plight of the oceans created by the amount of waste ending up in these oceans and rivers running into them worldwide, and also help any visitors who are interested make a small difference while they are with us on holiday.

It is a sobering thought to imagine that there are floating islands of micro-plastic in the oceans of the world were the currents converge. The largest floating micro-plastic waste island is in the Atlantic ocean, it is said to be the size of Texas! (100,000 square kilometers larger than Kenya!!) 'Treasure?"

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