Saturday, 5 May 2018


As some of you may already know, both plastic and glass bottles are used as building blocks in many places around the world. Glass bottles in a floor, wall or an in-house partition can look very beautiful if built in the right way with an idea of light direction and design in mind. (A post on up-cycling glass bottles is still to come- watch this space)

However in this post we are going to stick with plastic bottles and another one of their MANY uses.

This photo of a side/drinks table doesn't look like much but the structure is made from plastic water bottles. 

A little while ago we found a couple of slices of wood which had been made into what were supposed to be kitchen chopping boards. This wood had been sliced off a log that had once been a huge Combretum tree growing in the Nomad forest. Sadly some loggers manged to sneak into the forest at night and cut down the tree before they were disturbed. So the log was reclaimed. The plastic bottles were collected from restaurants and hotels all within fifteen minutes drive of The Sands.

Next the connection, it was very basic, 1/2 inch brass screws, drilled through the lids of the bottles into the wooden slice, once the bottle tops were all connected the bottles were screwed onto the lids and boom! There is a table which is lightweight, stack-able, it looks ok, one can put drinks on and even stand or sit on it.

Then, just to continue with a little of the 'reclaimed' part of the project an old, broken piece of traditional fishing trap was picked up off the beach, wrapped around the bottles and tied with sisal string.

Imagine that, even if one couldn't find slices of wood for the table top other things can be used. Like old plastic lids, or table tops from tables with broken legs, of the bottom of broken buckets.. 

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