Saturday, 5 May 2018


Yesterday morning a hundred one-month-old Kuroiler chicks arrived by bus from Nairobi after a thirteen hour overnight bus journey. Despite the bumpy ride and the cramped conditions in the 'third class' luggage compartment all of them arrived in good health though a little hungry and thirsty.

These chicks have now been moved to their new coop and chicken run on The Sands organic farm where their purpose is far more than just laying yellow yoked, free range eggs for the restaurant. In fact, them producing eggs is just a by product of one of their other main functions, to help us use and remove as much of our fruit and vegetable waste as possible so lowering our impact on our environment. 

Once these chicks have got used to their new surroundings we will begin to introduce them to scraps of vegetable 'waste'. This highly nutritious food will help to cut down on the cost of feeding them layers mash at the same time as help us to lower the amount of waste being produced by The Sands hotel and restaurant.. oh, and we get eggs.

Between these chickens laying eggs, the worms creating fertilizer and the compost making it is our hope that soon The Sands at Nomad will not be producing any Fruit and Vegetable waste. It will all be used.


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  2. It is very cool! The problem of garbage disposal is very urgent at the moment. We travel a lot and see garbage on the streets of most cities. As for me, the amount of garbage in the majority depends on the consciousness of citizens and not in the waste of utilities. Only then will it be clean when you and I teach our people not to litter on the city streets.



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