Friday, 29 June 2018


For some time now The Sands at Nomad has not had any plastic water bottles used throughout the hotel or restaurant.

Guests coming for a meal or to stay can order water in a 1 liter or 1/2 liter Carafe (Jug), these carafes are filled from a 20 liter refillable mineral water dispenser.

Glass refillable bottles, carafes and even recycled water glasses.

Should guests prefer to drink from a bottle The Sands also provided refillable glass mineral water bottles which are also nice to keep and refill as one can.

Small decisions can have a large impact.     Say no to plastic.

Mineral water comes in 20L for dispensers to carafes or 1Liter glass bottles


Today we harvested from the Sands Shamba for the start of the weekend- all totally organic.

Grown with the compost we make on site with a little vermi 'tea' from our worms and natural Neem deterrent against some of the pests.

A very happy Chef Andrea
Soft leaf lettuce, rucola, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow passions, carrots, red leaf and green leaf basil, chives, birds-eye chillies and our first ever scotch bonnet chilli. More to come.


For anyone why has been looking for a way to reuse 'waste' candle wax easily here is an idea for you.  We use it to make beach candl...