Wednesday, 19 September 2018

ORGANIC FARMING- The Chickens are laying!

A few months ago The Sands got it's first batch of Chicks all the way from Thika by overnight Bus. Since then the chicks have grown, some of the roosters have been removed, and the hens have finally started to lay.

Not a bad harvests for mid-September
Now, we are so happy to be getting just over a tray a day from the hens who are fed cuttings and prunings from the vegetable garden, fruit and vegetable waste from The Sands kitchen as well as a little layers mash to ensure they have the right vitamins and minerals to be healthy and create good, strong shelled eggs.

To control parasites in their stomaches the hens are fed prunings off the Neem trees which contains (among many other positive things) a natural parasite control.

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