Friday, 25 October 2019


Through the history of the Sand's Organic Farm we have tried to find ways to re-use items which in many cases with other hotels would end up being thrown away and forgotten.. probably in some landfill.

How many re-used items can you see in this photo from the Sand's farm?
See if you can count how many up-cycled items are in this one photo above.. the answer is at the bottom of this post. ;-)

Compost making is actually very easy for anyone who has the organic waste, space and time..  When making it.. just think 'Lasagna'. Dry layer (air gets in), wet layer, dry layer, wet layer.. until it's a small  (turnable) pile.. if you want put a stick into the centre of the pile for you to do 'temperature checks' from time to time to ensure the decomposition is happening. 
Making the compost 'Lasagna' layers
The issue with some locations towards the coast is the wildlife. Baboons and monkeys can wreak havoc in a compost pit so for those that have these natural inhabitants around it is even more important to put your compost in a cage or a pit. (ensure it is turnable). 

Multiple compost piles turned and watered regularly
Organic waste that is available to wildlife will encourage the wildlife to remain in the area of the food, it will also encourage theft from houses and it will create some dependancy from the wildlife on the food waste. Basically problems all around for both the humans and the wildlife.

Answer to the question above- 6:

PET bottles as pots, 
20 L HDPE containers as pots
Empty Glass bottles for raised beds
Old Tires for raised planters
Broken Jacuzzi's as raised planters
Broken Mini-bars as raised planters

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