Monday, 11 November 2019


As some of you may know, a little while ago The Sands went into partnerships with Kwale Plastics Plus Collectors (KPPC) A company looking to find a way for the greater Diani area to have a proper waste collection and management system.

Keyrings for the dive centre lockers using KPPC moulds
KPPC now have a location at the Sands Marine Education Center ( for their small recycling plant producing items from collected HDPE  and LDPE plastics. Through this partnership the Sands is now able to utilise HDPE and LDPE plastics from daily separations and beach clean-ups. (Less 'waste')

The location of the recycling centre, as part of the Conservation Education tour at the Sands is perfect for raising awareness to both guests and students groups showing links between waste management possibilities and personal or environmental health.

Colour sorting and cleaning
How the system works:

Twice a day the 'waste' from the beach, hotel, workshops, offices, private houses and restaurant is delivered to the 'Green Team' station behind the restaurant. Here the separation is checked, weighed, recorded. The hard plastics are further separated as the recyclable plastics (shreddable and extrudable) are removed. These are then taken to the recycling centre, and stored according to colours.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the KPPC staff come to the centre to recycle, on other days the Nomad green team leader David works on products for The Sands.

Once the HDPE bottle tops etc have been shredded, the fine, colour sorted, plastics chips are put into the Extruder and pumped into moulds provided by KPPC. (These moulds were made in Nairobi by Plastiki Rafiki was actually this little company, based out of the Nairobi international school that made the recycling machinery that was then donated to KPPC. Big respect to them for this!

The KPPC Shredder make by Plastiki Rafiki
Currently the Sands is making some Key rings for the new diving locker room at Diving the Crab, the dive centre located at The Nomad Beach bar and restaurant.

Recyclable plastics are collected off the beach daily

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