Wednesday, 26 February 2020


In our last post about this subject we published some results from our waste production data from last year. We were proud of it but also recognised that we still have far to go. Ok, well as of today a little less far.

Weighing the paper produced. The recyclable bin bags will be reused 
This morning, after having been separating, weighing and recording our production of 'waste' paper, cardboard, magazines for the last couple of weeks (on top of our normal separation efforts) we sent two hundred and seven kilograms of paper products off to be recycled! This basically means that, since 18 days ago we have not burned or sent to the landfill 207 kilograms of 'waste'.

The best thing about this is that we are being paid by the collector per kilo. It's not much but it is something that comes back from 'waste'. It comes to about Ksh 1,600.. it's something.

The next step is to try to get the other hotels in Diani and Tiwi on board so that we can all fill a truck once a week.. they have to be separating their waste first though.

In case you as the reader are interested in joining this paper recycling initiative please note that paper should be separated per type and it cannot be oily, wet or have food stuffs on it.

If you are interested to hear more on how we can come together to lower our collective waste and impact contact Atti at

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