Friday, 13 March 2020


Here at the Sands at Nomad we try where possible to stay away from Paraffin based candles as, one, these candles are a by-product of oil refining and two, the burning of Paraffin candle wax releases small amounts of carcinogenic fumes. Where possible try to buy beeswax or rechargeable LED flickering 'candles'.

Old Candles
However, like most hotels we do have a few candles in use and sadly bees wax candles are hard to find and very expensive.

So what happens to the toxic wax when thrown away? Well, like most things 'out-of-sight out-of-mind' it ends up in a landfill.

At The Sands we have been stockpiling our 'waste' candle wax for four months now. We don't have much but we have enough to try to do something with it.. like recycle it.

Melted outside due to fumes

We have heated up a large saucepan on a cooker (the second round on a fire outdoors), thrown the cast-off candles and left over wax into the saucepan, let it all melt, removed the left over old wicks, bugs, sand, matches and leaves until we have a saucepan of melted wax. 

It is VERY important to note that if you are cooking on a live flame.. wax and wax vapour is flammable so only use low flame gas or coals once the flame has died down and remember.. melted wax is hot!

We brought some normal cotton twine, fixed it down the middle of some 'repurposed' glass jars from the restaurant waste, we then poured the molten wax into the jars letting it cool and solidify.

Once solid and contracted we top up the jar and tadaaa.. a new candle made from waste wax which most hotels would send away and try to forget the damage done.

Recycled candles in Jars and up-cycled 'waste' bottles

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