Monday, 8 June 2020


After much talk about all the ways to go about farming organically or trying to live sustainably it's only right that some photos of evidence that these techniques have worked for us are shared. Given we are at a time of abundance on The Sands at Nomad's farm.

Some of the old Jacuzzis we have now been growing from for two rain seasons. We put in some topsoil when we first started, added worms and compost over time. As they are off the ground there are fewer pests.

Caterpillar 'munch-marks' on leaves is a sign that no pesticides are sprayed onto the leaves. The same rule goes for fruit.. few 'naturally grown' tomatoes are perfect.

We are producing less Eggs as the hotel is closed (C19) so the demand is low. We are letting our hens SIT on their eggs so 'hopefully' giving us more 'layers' in the future.. and the result of this?
Despite the efforts of a very wily 'Slender Mongoose' we have 8 NEW CHICKS as of this morning.
Isa and Zaidi planting out seedling


The photograph above on the left is 'outside' the fence of the Sand's Organic Farm. Boundary fences have been planted with Passion Fruit with the intention of them producing enough for lucky by-passers to pick.

LHS- A photo of the farm during rain. In this Photo one could find Bananas, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Rucola, Egg plant, Okra, Lettuce, Spinach, Mchicha, Sage, Kress, Tomatoes, a worm farm, fish tanks and lots of various repurposed waste made useful.


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