Thursday, 30 July 2020


When you are working on daily living or a building or maintenance project there is often times when you will find leftover bits of material, when the project is over much of this material is thrown away as part of the final clean up. How often would one stop to check what is left and might be useable?

It is good practice, (if you are able and have the space), to start thinking a bit like a squirrel, yup, you heard right, 'stacking and packing' the pieces that might be useful in the future.. so saving you having to go out and buy more material. Obviously this is very dependent on ones available space.

                        Candles made from recycled candle wax
Candles made from Recycled candle wax

At the Sands there are various locations where old, worn, removed but still useable in some ways materials are all stored, stacked or in some cases even piled. We have piles of old pipes, for use making into the foot operated hand wash basins we implemented at the opening of the restaurant in these Corona times. We have piles of wood and timber, all used, with holes, nails, breaks, splits.. but amongst all this are pieces of gold that we regularly scavenge from to fulfil material needs at no extra cost. Remember the Trash to Treasure blog post?

                                         Marble offcuts from the kitchen upgrade- Sushi platters

Recently we have been making the kitchen area at the Nomad Beach Bar and Restaurant even more clean and hygienic by replacing work surfaces with black granite. Granite is very cleanable, there are no pores or holes or permeation for food or germs so a bonus to an upgraded kitchen. After the job we found there to be some left over offcuts and edges of the granite, which, as you can imagine should and could not be wasted.. so we turned these offcuts into the soon-to-be-used Sushi and serving platters. Come see for yourself.

So in conclusion, the idea of  

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