Monday, 3 August 2020


It goes without saying the impact of this whole Corona thing has been seriously felt all over the world. Shut down travel, industries and services closed, jobs lost and this may still get worse as we see second and third waves hitting already 'over-it' places in the world. 

The hardest hit for sure are those who never had any savings, the hand to mouth survivors, as times past the number of desperate people will also rise.. expendable income is now hard to come by. It's time to think differently, lower your impact, lower your expenses.

In brave attempts keep the economy ticking and as many people as possible still employed, a few weeks ago the Kenyan Government allowed some restaurants to open under strict guidelines to try to prevent the spread and yet allow people to try to make ends meet.
Foot operated hand wash unit at The Nomad Beach Bar.
The soap is actually INSIDE the 20L bucket of water on top

One of these new regulations is that all establishments must have 'HYGIENIC' hand wash stations outside their entrances. It is interesting to note that the use of a normal hand operated hand wash bucket seems to have been accepted by the ministry of health. With proper, regular tap and soap plunger cleaning this system would work BUT its success at stopping the spread would be far less than a hand wash station that does not require to be touched by every customer.
Useful to paint first IF you are going to.

People might argue that this is not viable for most people and establishments on the grounds of affordability. Well, in case it helps here are a few photos and explanations on how to build a foot operated hand wash station at very low cost. 

We used PPR but cheaper plumbing parts are available.
These clamps are useful but the provided screws are too short.

Other than the plumbing parts these units are built out of reused nails and repurposed 'scrap' wood from building and maintenance jobs. (These are the offcuts spoken about in the previous post- 'Waste not Want not'). The spring is off an old broken trampoline but rubber inner tube would work ;0). The 'string' from the ball cock lever to the foot pedal can be a broken bicycle chain, or kite lines, wire, rope..


We have 6 of these units around The Sands at Nomad and the Nomad Beach Bar.

 The main gate 
The staff log-in point 
The staff Restaurant entry point
The Boutique Hotel entrance 
The Beach Bar access from the parking 
The Beach Bar access from the best beach

Come see for yourself, we are taking the safety of our staff and visitors and hotel guests seriously.

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