Friday, 28 August 2020


The word SUSTAINABLE encompases the word EFFICIENT as, something that is Sustainable is that way because it is efficent. An inefficient way of doing things is not sustainable. If you are spending too much time, money and energy on something repeatedly it is not efficient. One of the best examples of this is from the farming world where, the use of 'Multch' to cover the soil surface of growing beds makes farming more efficient as it reduces the time, energy and money used continually weeding and watering and it encorages faster growth, a prologed growing season for those relying on the rains and it provides cover for bugs and organisms to begin aerating the soil and starting the decomosition process (nutrient making). Try it out.
In this post we are going to speak about efficiency in ENERGY CONSUMPTION. Most people will hear 'energy' and think of Electricity or a bodies strenght. Firstly it is important to know that 'Energy' in Sustainability refers to any source of fuel which is 'burned' or 'consumed'. It will be producing X number Kilowat Hours (KWH) of energy. So then, Electricity, Diesel, Petrol, Charcaol, LPG gas are all fuel types which produce KWH.
Over the past months the Sands has taken yet another small step towards Sustainability with the change of lighting along the winding forested paths through the Hotel. As you may imagine keeping all the lights around a hotel grounds working is an expensive and time consuming job, bulbs, wires, mountings all need replacing occasionally. Time and money is spent doing this through employing an electrician and ordering/paying for all the spares needed.. This sounds quite INEFFICIENT and so not sustinable. How to fix it? Well, we are not the first or the last to use LED solar pathlights as our more sustaianable alternative but we have done it. We are one rung higher on the sustainability ladder as it were.
In the long run (sustainability thinks 'future') the change of path lighting to a type which is powered by renewable energy that uses efficient LED technology and which does not contain the amount of toxins found in Low WATT bulbs(*).. is already making a difference by (1) helping to lower our (consumptive) impact as a hotel on our environment, (2)reducing the maintenance costs so also labor costs (3)reducing the electricity bill costs and (4) it may contribute in helping The Sands attact more environmentally aware customers who would like a paradise beach holiday with a concience.
Over the past years The Sands at Nomad and the Nomad Beach Bar have made quite a few changes in the feild of our Energy Consumption as we try to lower our KWH per guest night. We moved away from LPG gas bottles to larger a single supply tank, we are in the process of replacing old inefficient flurecent strip bulbs in use back of house, the (energy and water) inefficient Jacuzzis were removed, newer more efficient Air Conditioning units are sourced and purchaced to replace the old, the generator was replaced so almost halving the fuel consuption rate. It may all sound like small pointless things but in the end, all of these small decisions made with our impact and expenses in mind helps us to be more sustainable... and so Efficient.

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