Wednesday, 14 October 2020

MANAGING WASTE - Meat (Proteins), Starch, Carbohydrates

Well here we are, after three years of learning about correct sustainable waste management, we are finally getting to a stage where we can be proud of our progress here at The Sands at Nomad, The Nomad Beach Bar and Diving the Crab. One of the biggest steps we made only recently.. and it was a long time coming.

As you may know from reading our past blog posts we already have in place systems which reuse, repurpose and recycle the various types of waste we are producing from the hotel and restaurant. We have  been left with the Meats, Starches and Carbohydrates (M/S/C) which, all go into the 'RED' bin already.

Plate scraps from the waiter station red bin.

Recently The Sands took an extra step and purchased an industrial meat grinder which is now being used to grind up ALL of the above waste. (Apart from large bones).

The waste we are grinding comes from the red bins in the Restaurant Butchery, the Kitchens and the M/S/C bins at the waiter station, which includes the plate scrapings from unfinished meals.. so there is some vegetable matter in there, as well as rice, bread, egg, eggs shells, fish, chicken, beef, pork, beef, prawns and occasional crab. This 'waste' is collected twice a day before it can begin turning bad, it is then frozen overnight before being boiled in the morning.

Once the 'waste' M/S/C is boiled it is then handed over to The Sand's Green Team for grinding into mush.. or as we like to call it free dog and cat food made from 'waste'.

Once we have been running this system for a while and we have ironed out any issues we will have another look at what percentage of our waste we are now, reusing, repurposing or recycling and how much is leaving the premises as 'waste'.

Watch this space.

NB- for anyone trying this at home be aware that Dogs and Cats are not supposed to eat too much 'human food'. The more meats the better.

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