Tuesday, 20 October 2020


These past two weeks at The Sands at Nomad have been full of action on the sustainability front. Building projects repurposing glass bottles into building blocks have been started at the Marine Education Centre where a sustainability exhibition space is being created as part of the Sand's support for Conservation and Sustainability through awareness and education.

As these building projects require glass bottles which The Sands and the Nomad Beach Bar have been stockpiling for years, eight members of the local community where hired each day to help clear out and repack the storage and maintenance areas. Items were carefully checked for reuse or repurposability before being repacked and stacked creating a more satisfying and spacious workspace. Glass bottles have been moved to the site for the Sustainability Centre, waste items have been separated and stockpiled so that each can be delivered to the correct location for recycling.
Stacking 'waste' bottles into types and colours
Above- The soon-to-be Sustainability Centre

Check the colour coordination in the wall. These bottles are more for use as bricks than as a light up art piece like the main gate at The Sands at Nomad's boutique hotel. They still look nice though and it saves having to buy brick. One negative is that quite a bit of cement is necessary, and the production of cement is a huge contributor to global warming, for this reason it is advisable to add some good old 'lime' into the cement mix so that less is used. 

As we are clearing out workshops we are taking advantage of the opportunity to collect (other than more old fridges, jacuzzis, 200L metal drums and all sorts of other treasure) all of the wood chips, pieces of old wood, planks, rotting chairs and sun beds, old poles, thatching, cotton cloth and ANYTHING that is organic and biodegradable. All of this organic matter has been loaded into trucks for transfer to the Sands at Nomad's organic farm where we are making industrial sized compost piles
ABOVE LEFT SIDE- Scrap wood and planks make a good aerated base.
ABOVE RIGHT SIDE- Sawdust and/or Woodchips is a good material for the 'layering'.

BELOW LEFT SIDE- Old thatch makes good compost material.
BELOW RIGHT SIDE- Garden and Vegetation cuttings and sweepings are also very good. (Some people burn this.. WHY!!?)


As we have said before, Compost making is like making Lasangna, wet-dry-wet-dry. And we are throwing in  fruit and vegetable waste from the Hotel and Restaurant as many of the wet layers.. In about a years time we will have lots of compost to use to grow even more organic vegetables and fruit.. so we can make even more compost.
As many of you know, at the Nomad Beach Bar the drip-mats used underneath one's glass, glass water bottle or carafe of water are actually made from old diving wet suits which used to belong to Diving the Crab dive centre also located at the Nomad Beach Bar.


Some of the side projects ongoing thanks to support from The Sands at Nomad. Above right the beginnings of another construction nearby which is set to use THOUSANDS of glass bottles of all types, shapes and colours all cleared from three years worth of The Sands stockpiling these knowing they have value.. they are not waste. 

In the left hand side photograph one can see an example of building using 500ml plastic bottles which have been stuffed tightly with single use plastic packaging and nylon wrappers. 7000 of these bottles were delivered to the Sands Organic Farm over the Corona times and some members of the community got to take some money home to a much cleaner and healthier environment.

The Sands, Thinking Green

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