Monday, 9 November 2020

ORGANIC FARMING- November week 1(The onset of the rains)

In the last week we have been preparing for the rain that we hope is coming, we used the few showers we have had to get some beds lightly tilled and composted before planting out another round of seeds and seedlings. in the Photo below are some young Dill growing with a mulch of grass and freshly fallen Moringa flowers (super nutrients). Did you know that Dill has many medical properties and it also attracts Ladybirds? Ladybirds are a natural predator to Aphids which are a pest on many crops. 

In the photo below one can see freshly sprouted lines of Rucola making their way towards the light and eventually the Nomad Beach Bar and Restaurant Kitchen. In the foreground is a sunflower, we have spread these around the farm to attract bugs for pollinating flowers so that we get fruit or seeds. Also the flowers will produce sunflower seeds for food or oil, and the plant itself is good for removing contaminants or even radiation from the soil. 

With the rain the wormary produced a good amount of water washing out their castings from the Jacuzzi they occupy by the hundreds of thousands. By adding this to the black fly larvae castings pictured below we have been making a very nutrient rich fertiliser to add to the nursery and beds. By adding water from the Ponds to water down the concentrate we are adding the natural ammonia and nitrates found in this water.

As you may know Organic farming or natural farming is done without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides, we have found that it has taken us three years to reach a stage where we have enough compost being created and worm castings to add. It has been a slow process but then again the natural systems are also slow. Now however, after many lessons learnt and blogged about over the years, we are once again adding to the produce from the Nomad farm both in bulk and variety.

If one plants a variety of crops then no matter the season or the day there will ALWAYS be something to harvest, whether for subsistence (eating) or for selling. The above photographs are four harvest photos from the past week. Even though we are producing less 'greens' than the past months due to the dryer spell we have still been producing a good amount of Organic, toxin free, fruit and vegetables every day.. in some difficult conditions.

The photo above on the Left shows some Capsicum (Pepper) seedlings now in the ground and being mulched. On the Right the freshly planted Dill about to be mulched, some Mustard Leaf in the foreground and down the centre.

Marigolds, Above Left side Photo are most known as an Ornamental or Garden flower. They are far more useful than that though. Marigolds have a very strong smell and they are known to distract or deter possible pests from the farm crops. They are also proven to be effective in combating plant parasitic Nematodes which feed on the roots of plants causing stunted growth. This morning we planted out more Marigolds from Parent plants. Photo on the Right, this morning's harvest. (9 Nov 2020)

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