Monday, 18 January 2021

RE-PURPOSING AND RE-USING- Be aware of and Reduce your waste (your impact)

Considering you are reading this blog might suggest that you are the kind of person who has (or wants to) become more conscious of their impact on their environment. Maybe you have realised that if we look after our environment our environment will look after us? True fact. 

This blog is focused on some of the more recent 'REPURPOSING' and 'REUSING' projects we at The Sands are getting into this year. As you can imagine a hotel and restaurant can produce quite a lot of waste, much of it is recyclable, the rest we do whatever we can to keep in our 'CIRCULAR ECONOMY' until it is 'really' not useable.
As a simple and soft start- One of the most common and widespread repurposing is that of glass jars. The use of jars REUSED over and over makes perfect sense to people who are producing foods, relishes, sauces and the likes at home. There is no point buying more jars when they can be cleaned and reused readily. Jars also make great storage places for small easy-to-loose items. Above in the photo is some of our newly harvested Diani Beach honey straight off the Sands farm and into reused jars.
In our last post we briefly touched on one of our plastic bottle repurposing initiatives, we are currently making and stockpiling enough PET bottle, soon-to-be 'roof tiles' to be able to do the whole roof of the sustainability room.

When it comes to the bulk of ones waste it is obviously the big items that make up the most space and may even take more time to biodegrade.. or NOT. This metal filing cabinet (above left) will eventually rust into nothing, but as far as we are concerned it is far too useful for us to call 'waste'. If we have a look at the properties of this cabinet we note it is hollow.. and the drawers are also hollow.. which suggests that we could create three growing pots or raised beds as some like to call them. This cabinet is going to be producing vegetables or herbs for the Nomad Beach Bar for some years to come. Above right are some more items that have arrived on the farm recently.. watch this space.
In past posts we have already touched on the repurposing of fridges, freezers and chillers for better pest-free raised beds. Above on the left one can see a new freezer has arrived to join our repurposed food-prep chiller which is growing Basil and Watercress. Above right.. lots of potential for planting pots, water ponds (for breeding frogs and dragonflies.. see other posts) and even a potential water filter. Some of these  basins and toilets are not too badly broken so meaning that, if ever there was a back-of-house building project at The Sands that needed basic basins, toilets or bathtubs they can be emptied of the crops and returned for their intended use.. saving money.
Above we have more 'trash to treasure' items which have arrived at the farm in the last clean out from The Sands. 
It is important to remind readers that Fridges, freezers and chillers all have cooling chemicals of some kind inside their pipes and the compressor (seen on the fridge above). These chemicals are dangerous to animals and the environment so it is important that the compressors are removed carefully and disposed of correctly. (P.S Humans are animals)
Above is one of the most environmentally damaging materials on the planet! Styrofoam! This lightweight, air-filled plastic is great for protecting goods in transit but what happens when it's job is done. Well.. consider that each little plastic bubble has got very thin walls around the air pocket, once these walls begin to breakdown in the UV the Styrofoam degrades into millions of little tiny pieces of micro-plastic, which, as you know if one of the biggest environmental disasters of the current day. 

Here at The Sands we do not 'trash' the Styrofoam we receive in our packaging, rather we stockpile it (like so much other 'trash') because we don't want to cause unnecessary impact and also we see a value in it. It has some very useful properties that can be REUSED. ;-) Watch this space too.
If you are one of the regular followers of this blog you may remember how some time ago we REPURPOSED some broken Jacuzzis into raised beds? Well, now we have taken it a step further as we expand on our ideas. 

Above one can see our startup Aquaponics system which we have made using 100% repurposed 'waste' items. The top two jacuzzis have Tilapia fish which are producing the nutrients for growing the Rucola in the lower jacuzzi and the assorted other vegetables we will be adding in the near future. Imagine that out of this combination of broken items which most people would throw out as trash we have found a way to produce enough for a full meal. (Tilapia with Rucola and Tomatoes)
Another of the really bad waste types that we need to avoid throwing into landfills or worse is candle wax. Did you know that paraffin-based candle wax (most candles are this type) is a byproduct of oil refining? Did you know that by burning it one released Carcinogenic fumes into the air which over time can cause cancer? Sadly alot of private houses and hotels rely on these wax candles in their everyday opperations, so where does the waste go? Not a good thought. 

Above we have an option for anyone looking for one. After cutting down the amount of candles we use, we at The Sands at Nomad found a way to use the paraffin based wax as a termite deterrent on wooden poles and structures which need burying in the ground. We collected up all the bases of used candles, we melted them down and then coated the bases of the building poles with it. As it turns out Termites don't eat candle wax. ;-)

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