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People who try farming often complain that after a year or two their crops are not being as productive as they were before. In many cases this will be due to the soil having been leached of nutrients which the crops need to grow and produce.

Above Left- 2 repurposed buckets, 1 tap, 1 back nut, repurposed window net, wrench and thread tape
Above Right- (Bottom bucket) Mark the location for the drain tap.
Due to the loss of old farming knowledge too many people get themselves sucked in to the trap of using chemical fertilisers to boost their crops and their earnings from these. Sadly, over time these chemical-using farmers will find they have to use more and more chemical fertiliser each time, which becomes more expensive. 
Above Left- (Bottom Bucket) Cut the hole leaving space for the back nut to turn in the inside.
Above Right- Attach the tap with back nut, thread tape and/or glue.
Basically what these guys have done is to kill ALL the naturally found organisms who break down natural organic matter into natural fertiliser.. so the soil is now dead and full of chemicals.

So what’s the solution? 

Above-  Measure and cut the size plastic net needed for the inside of the Top bucket.
Below- Drill holes in the base and then insert the net.
Well, the use of Chemicals to unsure fast growing profitable crops is very much the humans ‘Push button Philosophy’, we want it and we want it now.. without thinking of the long term environmental repercussions. If we were to slow it down and think on a smaller scale of houses, villages or towns feeding themselves ‘sustainably’… they would most probably be using worms to break down waste AND create the best fertilisers in the world.


And it’s ready to add soil, compost, worms and your fruit and veg waste.
Don’t Panic it’s Organic, unlike the cancer causing fertilisers used on the majority of vegetables these days. If you are still not convinced search the internet and you will find lots of evidence like this below:

‘Yes, using worm castings really is one of the biggest and best secrets of all time when it comes to growing amazingly healthy and productive plants. Period!’

Worm castings are quite simply the most powerful, incredible, plant-energizing fertilizer & soil conditioner around. Yes, even more than compost – which, of course, is pretty special in its own right’. (old world garden farms)

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