Monday, 29 March 2021


With the intense heat of the past month now getting more humid the promise of the rains still seems like a far away story. The wind is blowing from the North-East (Kazikazi) and starting to swing to come from the East (Matilai). We had a day of thunder, lightning and a small shower but nothing of any real value yet.

Above left- Repurposed fridges, chillers and jacuzzis pumping out produce.                                            Above Right- This double drinks fridge is producing Watercress and Rucola, behind an old washing machine being prepped for farm use.

However, with the hopes that existence will bless us with rain soon we have been in full preparation mode on the Nomad Farm. 

Compost has been collected from the piles we have been turning and watering for months, more repurposed 'waste' items have been positioned, filled and planted with various seeds for the next growing season. The chicken houses have all had their sawdust replaced to try to stop Army ants from invading which they will surely try. Wooden support poles have been painted with old engine oil from the Sand's at Nomad's generator to deter the Termites which go into overdrive during the rainy season. Wood ash from the Nomad Restaurant pizza oven has been sprinkled around the chick house with our newly arrived layer chicks. 

As more 'waste' items arrive from the Hotel and Restaurant we are looking for ways to re-use or re-purpose them in this next season. Organic material like the 'plaining' waste (Kiswahili- Uchafu ya kulanda) from the workshop has come to be used as mulch. Metal school trunks have been planted with Rucola and Dill.
Organic waste                                                 Metal waste items

Plastic waste items like this old boat fuel tank can be used for farm production for MANY years to come. The Colour of the tank (RED) also acts to attract pollinating insects to the farm.

Above Left- This old water tank has been resealed and positioned so that we can use it to store excess rainwater once our 20,000 litres of storage is full, it is also positioned so that it might be converted into a fish tank in the future.. for Aquaponics.                                                                                                  Above Right- Old broken wheel barrows will be converted into raised planters also. Why not?

Until next time, fingers crossed for the rain!!

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