Monday, 5 April 2021


 If any of you have had a chance to pass by the Nomad Beach Bar for a drink, meal recently you will notice that,  not only is there now a 'fine-dining' experience with farm-fresh Organic produce available.. but there is also some 'beatification' going on in the Beach Bar parking area.

As one can imagine, a popular beach bar in Diani like Nomad generates alot of glass bottles as what many would call 'waste'. However, like many items, The Sand's and Nomad look at these glass bottles as Re-purposable materials. It is for this reason that we have a VERY small amount of glass 'Waste' generated from the premises. Instead we stockpile and use them.

In March 2021 Glass and Metal waste made up 2.6% of the total waste weight in March 2021. If we had thrown away ALL the glass bottles we have kept and used.. the majority of the chart above would be Glass and the total weight of our monthly 'waste' generated would triple.. food for thought.

In the past six months the Sands at Nomad and the Nomad Beach Bar have used stockpiled 'waste' glass bottles to build the 'Green Room' near the Marine Education Centre, and the glass bottle walls around the workshops and the Beach Bar parking area. 

In total this is approximately 22,700 bottles.. at an average weight of 500 grams a bottle it means we have saved around 11 Tons of glass from being waste.. and we have repurposed it into beautiful AND functional projects. 

The Sands, Thinking Green.

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