Thinking Green Projects

Sustainability on Kenya’s South Coast

Consisting of a range of projects and ideas Thinking Green helps connect the different areas of the group along with the local community in ways that allow for meaningful change and ideas to be shared.

Working to help improve both the health of our marine life, local wildlife and to boost the understanding of key environmental issues amongst our local residents and tourists to the region, Thinking Green ‘s aims to help conserve Kenya’s unique coast line.

The Green Team

Diani’s Green Team work hard to help to improve our home and the Diani Beach region. Setting up recycling stations, organising litter picks and beach cleans, helping educate local school children on the importance of good, sustainable environmental practices and working with local businesses to find ways we can all reduce waste, they are a vital part of our sustainability efforts and make a big contribution to the community.

Diani Turtle Watch

Home to more than 70 endangered sea turtles, Diani Turtle Watch helps ensure that Diani Beach remains a safe, protected home for these incredible creatures. Working with local volunteers, businesses and the Marine Education Centre they can monitor the population and protect the vital nesting sites for these turtles – ensuring that future generations get the best possible starts and chances for survival.

The Sands Farm

Using sustainable practices, recycling discarded waste, composting organic materials and using grey water for irrigation, The Sands Farm is able to supply The Sands Kenya Group with much of the produce they use every day across their resorts, restaurants and bars. All produced locally, sustainably and organically – and is usually a lot tastier than alternatives that would otherwise have to be flown in!

Olive Ridley Project

The Olive Ridley Project (ORP), is an international charity that is working to help monitor and protect sea turtles across borders, through rescue, rehabilitation, education and research.

In Kenya the ORP has been working with the Sands since 2018 to help identify the sea turtle population, map high-priority conservation areas and identify the primary threats to this unique habitat.